I have some pictures of the clothes I made I would like to show, but not that confident of the ones I want to put out. I know there are some I really love and I don’t I have made over 20 shirt designs and some other stuff like socks and shoes.

I know lately I have been off the “sunglasses” stuff, but I don’t know what else to do with it. I sure would love to get back into it and start some new stuff but it’s so very very hard. I did have an opportunity to get a girl from Ex Wives of Rock but it fell threw. She wanted free stuff? I also let another opportunity slip threw my hands I had the chance for Sonja from The Real Housewives of New York to wear them but I was busy and caught up and she wasn’t going to wait around for me. Dont blame her. I also got another opportunity from Tila Tequila when I first had her take pictures in my sunglasses. I know at the time she had some on west side managing her stuff and someone in NY. Someone that worked for her gave me a list of people that included Pete Wents and I forgot that other guys name the dude who sings I want to be a fricken million aire so fricken bad yeah him. I dont know why I didnt bother to take advantage of this. I felt like I didn’t want to waste there time and mine. The ego’s…..why bother sending all that free shit when I wont even get a  pic in return.

Jenna Jameson was a NIGHTMARE to get to wear my product. She seems a nightmare all together. She is a NIGHTMARE why are people wanting to watch her loopy and insane ass on TV? She’s such a LOSER. Not just saying that because she didn’t wear my stuff but she just seems to have this presence of “Look at how AMAZING I am” She seems to love that word AMAZING.  And she loves saying INDUSTRY. Just look. You will see lol

The reason why  I quite my sunglasses stuff is because of all the EGO’s they had. Major ego’s. Just wow. I just got a little taste of there It’s me it’s me. So this is why I moved on to African clothing, I know that’s far from what is me and what I have usually created and made but now I made a whole line of really unique, 21st century style African style clothing. I am just going to pick the best of the best to show you. I don’t know which ones to decide on!!!!!!! I would put all of them in if I could but however, I can only pick 10.

Soon to come cheap to expense clothing. Hopefully everyone will like it. Much different from the other stuff I made.



I decided since the Sunglasses Business is over for now. The reason: My Glasses were just a fad! Now I’m moving on to more creative designs in Clothing for Men. I will post some of my creations soon. But in the meantime, please check back to see my line of Clothes for Spring 2015!!

I wonder what will be in store? Wait and see! It’s going to be so amazing that it will grab your attention.

Check Back Soon for T-Shirts where they will be for sale!

Revenge Let’s Not Pretend

Revenge lets not pretend you know I get it. Move it. Grind it. Shut it down.
Where are you?
Just a loose screw.

Tell me another one,

til the sun rises til it falls you will always be stuck in thoses 4 walls.

Your not getting away anytime soon,

You’ll see that I’m real tricky and I’m not one to mess with

Cuz things can get sticky

Turned a small thing into a big problem. No I’m gonna watch you cry and say hi. How was that for you? You dumb ass tool.

Dont you know where all the hood rises and falls? Where we rise together. A spun right toward you. Sun no more shine.